What we do - Sustainable Branding


Sustainable Branding

You don’t just get your coffee in the morning – you get your Illy or your Davidoff or your DOC producer brand and you know what you are feeding yourself with. You don’t just put on your shoes and go – you put on your Jimmy Choo stilettos or your Under Armor running gear and you know where you are going. Branding is a story of awareness: of trusting the source, of relying on the product, of envisaging a predictable future.

Because as good as your product or service may be, if it is mute, there is no interaction with your target.

We bring products and services to life through our branding: it is a life worth living in a healthy well-shared habitat that we promote through our CentrIQ methodology. No steroids and no inflated bluff. But psychological science, social analysis, trade synthesis and a sane existence based on true values.

CentrIQ positions your brand according to relevance, differences and credibility, but also enhances its social value through sustainability. Exciting discovery, rigorous definition, creative design, prompt delivery and inspired distribution are founded on a rigorous concern for the welfare of all.

Only the fair brands will feed imagination, only the honest communications will go. CentrIQ is there – at the very core of fair-trade, at the launching pad of the sane and safe future.