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CentrIQ Truths

As your transformation advisors, we will put truth at the foundation of your sustainability journey. We know: truth bluntly told is inelegant, undiplomatic, radical and very hard to process. But once dealt with, it becomes the best cure for all deluded parts. We will partner individuals and organizations on grounds of truth related to the three key pillars that should be considered in decisions at any level: environment, society and governance.


  • Climate change

  • Ecological footprint

  • Resources Use

  • Pollution


  • Health & safety

  • Customer responsibility

  • Community impact

  • Labor standards


  • Shareholder rights

  • Risk management

  • Tax transparency

  • Anti corruption
ESG CentrIQ insights for solid partnering foundations

Most people responsible for developing environmental strategies live their life in offices, cut out from nature.

Cultivate environmental accountability.

We do not live in the real big world, we live in a collection of worlds, in “fabricated bubbles”. We use the term bubble for digital media, but actually it applies to any living environment.

Step out of the bubble. Choose your brand purpose wisely.

Climate pressure is not taken seriously. Power is still the main instrument of constraint. Regulatory deadlines will pressure us to act.

Get involved in your
Learn how to act.

It takes an educational background to understand environment, processes, phenomena and taxonomy.

Manage your
environmental complexity

Almost no individual understands large scale transformation. Holistic approaches are either amateurish and New Age-ish or academically specialized.

Learn to calculate your own sustainability impact.

Teams and social empowerment efforts are difficult to control. The only functional transmission belt is direct personal power.

Use your power to generate progress.

Climatic changes happen at natural scales that no individual can fully understand. Most people pretend they know.

Understand, integrate and transform yourself with new frameworks.

Never alone.

Build your sustainability
journey as an alliance of forces.

Sustainability decision makers need to be brave. Becoming more sustainable requires concentration and fortitude.

Motivation for action: bonuses that focus on what matters.


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