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As of January 2023, EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is in force, compelling over 50.000 companies in the European business ecosystem to become transparent on their involvement in sustainability matters. This will require more in depth environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting than any prior EU directive.
In order to provide accurate reports on the status of your company, CENTRIQ has
been developing proficient tools meant to set, target and reach your goals.

Within the ESG guiding framework, individuals grow,
professionals are successful, communities turn afluent and
the planet returns to health.
CentrIQ Approaches & Expertise

CentrIQ is designing and customizing its tools to support sustainability commitments and reporting through a consultative process, on several layers:

The Me
– the individual

Through direct contact with our partners, we act as your sustainability and transformation advisors.

The Professional

Through advising, we support teams and organisations to start, continue or improve your sustainability strategies

The Local Communities and Society

Through sharp identification of relevant truths and insights, we contribute with applicable solutions for the benefit of larger society segments.

The Entire

Through onboarding new individuals, entities and organizations in our ESG oriented vision, we align to the same universal effort for a healthier and wealthier mother planet.

CentrIQ leads
your way through

People lie because they cannot tolerate the truth. The more accurate and targeted, the more unbearable honesty becomes. So we deceive ourselves and hide behind illusions. We sugarcoat bleak revelations, deny evidence and go on with our petty concerns at the expense of catastrophic incidence. CentrIQ decides to tell the surgical truth. On the belief that it may heal.


CentrIQ Services

01 ESG Advisory


We offer assistance to enterprises of all scales regarding sustainability, ESG frameworks and compliance. Our set of tools is designed to improve your accuracy in assessments, comprehensive process rendering and sustainable communication.

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02 ESG Auditing


Our auditing approach helps you understand, integrate and treat sustainability as an organizational DNA, not as a business add-on or as a project.

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03 ESG Reporting


Are you prepared to manage complexity of sustainable and ESG reporting? CentrIQ masters the terminology, applicability of rules and regulations, systems of monitoring and editing of your content.

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04 Sustainable


A company embedding sustainability elements or undergoing ESG adaptation processes practically becomes a different one. The whole process involves redefining values and brand personality, rewriting internally the identity and redesigning the projected image. CentrIQ owns the process and actively transfers its knowledge to you.

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05 Training


Mind works over matter and perspectives change when beliefs are challenged. We are here to coach, train and constructively challenge you, your teams and any of the stakeholders that are involved in your sustainability journey.

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People. Planet. Partners.

With all IdeologIQ partners we work together in different stages of sustainable, ESG centric journeys. From initiating discussions to elaborating plans, from explorations and tests to rigorous project implementation, each relation has its particular traits.

There is a common denominator though: our aspirations – personal and professional – and our attempt to become more responsible so as to enjoy a positive outcome.


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